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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Coaching has become a buzzword over the last few years.

I remember adult coaches when I was younger. They were brought in to help motivate employees in corporate settings. Private coaches like Anthony Robbins were around, as well, but seemed to fall into the motivational speaker or “guru” category (he and his disciples remain highly visible and successful to this day). However, coaching seems to have become more mainstream, readily seen among people looking for guidance rather than entrepreneurial or corporate greatness. I know a bunch of working professionals outside the business world who have coaches in their private lives.

Essentially, coaches are there to help inspire, guide, and hold you accountable for your progress while being companions or partners through it. Many of life’s challenges are associated with ruts and coaches are there to help move things forward. In some ways, they are similar to personal trainers. There are life coaches, career coaches, financial coaches, wellness coaches, and others.

FIRE is a unique situation that isn’t readily discussed or prepared for in most circles. It lends itself to feelings of isolation, stagnation, FOMO, boredom, and has the potential to trigger underlying mental illness. It imposes existential strain. It, itself, does not offer solutions for these problems.

Coaching offers a way forward. It aims to expand one’s scope of thought on the possibilities latent in FIRE rather than to limit life to those decisions made in pre-FIRE about post-FIRE life. It encourages accountability for forward progress in FIRE rather than rewarding stagnation or acceptance. Often, taking one step forward is enough to trigger a cascade of improvement in well-being, something many FIREees may be seeking.

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