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About Live FIRE Better

Reading through the pages of the online FIRE community’s most successful author-entrepreneurs, one might have the sense that FIRE is similar to Disney World: a perpetually happy destination to be reached. There, you'll find pictures of happy children (usually the author’s and with a good financial rationale!), boats, real estate, palm trees or ski trips, and any number of other diversions reflective of traditional joy. FIRE appears to be liberation. Pre-FIRE life seems burdensome.

However, not everyone experiences FIRE as a life of boundless potential.

FIRE, for all of the freedom it brings, creates new limitations and challenges. Many FIREees experience isolation and loneliness. Their closest friends and family may not understand why they aren't thrilled with lives of permanent recreation. Then, they find that many recreation and employment options are unavailable to those not living the traditional 9-5 working life. It’s really not difficult to see why many FIREees soon yearn to return to lives with more structure and restriction.

For those of you who haven’t found FIRE to be as liberating as was promised, we offer you Live FIRE Better. Here, we’ll discuss ways that you can enrich your life post-FIRE (and ways you can start building that life pre-FIRE). We offer articles, blog posts, podcasting, products and services, and personalized coaching.

We hope you find something here that helps you live a better life before and after FIRE.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Live FIRE Better?

  • Live FIRE Better is a website designed to help you live a more fulfilling life after (or while working toward) achieving FIRE.

Is FIRE enough?

  • Some people have everything figured out when they reach FIRE. Many others find themselves at a loss regarding what to do next. We're going to showcase resources that'll help you live a FIRE life that exceeds your expectations.


Isn't this stuff out there already?

  • Sure. Commentary on living well has been around as long as human beings have! FIRE is a unique situation with unique logistic challenges. We'll try to distill information on generally living well by providing some ideas on how to face the logistic challenges of FIRE.

What if my specific situation is unique and I want personalized support?

About Your Host

Dr. Andrew Ramsey, MD, MPH, is a board-certified emergency physician, healthcare consultant, and certified professional coach. 

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